Organic Tangerine Dream Bubble Hash

100% Organically Grown on Vancouver Island

Each Package Includes 1 Gram of organic Tangerine dream bubble hash Hash

Form: Soft

THC Level High


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What is Bubble Hash

Bubble hash refers to a specific type of hash made with a process involving ice water. Like traditional hash, bubble hash is a solid concentration of cannabis resin glands or trichomes. It can range in color from light blonde to dark brown. Bubble hash gets its name from its tendency to bubble when brought under a lighter’s flame. 

“Full melt” is considered the highest quality of bubble hash. The ultra-refined full melt tends to largely bubble away when smoked or dabbed, leaving little material behind. You may also see hash rated on a scale of one to six, with a six-star hash being the most refined and desirable. These highest quality hashes are made using extremely fine mesh sieves that prevent plant material from passing through—only the small trichome heads. 


About Tangerine Dream Bubble hash

Tangerine Dream, This 2012 Cannabis Cup winner has been a crowd favorite for almost a decade and the growers over at buddha boys have turned it into this flavourful bubble hash. This strain is well known for its muscle relaxation and pain-relieving properties. The immediate effects of this will be euphoria and bliss, this bubble hash will have you stress-free in no time.  This perfectly balanced hybrid will have you in a perfect equilibrium of cerebral and body energized.

How its made

Bubble hash is typically made using ice water and a series of bags or screens. To make bubble hash, cannabis flower is combined with ice water inside of what are called “bubble bags.” Inside these vinyl bags are sieves which separate the plant material from potent resin glands. Trichome heads freeze from the ice water, and when the cannabis is mixed and agitated, they break off the plant and travel through the sieves.

In order to achieve a more refined product, finer mesh sieves are used to further separate the plant material from the hash. To do this, bubble bags of various sizes are layered inside of a bucket, with the smallest micron (or, finest) screen at the bottom. Micron refers to the number of units allowed to pass through the screen, so the smaller the micron, the less plant material will pass through.

After the cannabis has been sufficiently agitated, the topmost bag full of cannabis and ice is pulled up and removed. The material caught in the second screen is then scraped off and set aside; this will generally be darker in color due to the amount of plant material that passed through the first larger-micron bag. The second bag is carefully inverted and dunked into the water of the bag below so the trichomes may continue moving through the series of bags. This process of collection and filtration is continued until the trichomes have been filtered through every bag. Finally, the hash is dried by being pressed under a micron screen or cotton muslin cloth.


How to smoke hash

If you’ve never smoked hash, you may be a bit confused about how to use it. However, there’s no need to get confused. Kamikazi is here to help!

While it can be used to dab, doing so is not recommended. Below are some great ways for Canadian residents to enjoy premium hash products from Kamikazi:

  1. Roll your hash into snakes. Wrap them into or around a joint or blunt.
  2. Add on top of or mix in with flower in your pipe.
  3. Consume by itself on a screen in a pipe or in a water pipe.
  4. Vape it. Some vaporizers are specifically designed for hashish and similar concentrates. Others can handle both dried herb and hash.

It may be helpful to use degummed hemp fiber. This keeps your Kamikazi hash from clogging the vaporizer innards. Additionally, this will make cleaning easier. Finally, applying a lower temperature will often give a richer taste.

Some people like to start low and end with a higher temperature setting. Play around with it and see what works best for you. Most importantly, smoking hash is all about personal preference.

Additional information

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