Face Melt OG – AAAA

Strain: Sativa dominant hybrid

THC: 27%

Parents: Face Off OG x Rare Dankness #1

Aroma: Earthiness | Pine | Citrus | Floral

Flavour: Woody | Herbal | Earthy

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Face Melt OG is a formidable indica-dominant hybrid strain that’s gained a reputation for its powerful effects and unique characteristics. With genetics stemming from the combination of the rare and potent Face Off OG and Rare Dankness #1 strains, Face Melt OG has become a go-to choice for those seeking deep relaxation and relief from various ailments. This strain’s name aptly captures the potential for an intensely tranquil experience.

Face Melt OG inherits its Indica dominance from its parent strains, which is evident in its overall appearance. The buds are typically dense, compact, and covered in a generous layer of glistening trichomes. The coloration is often a rich shade of green, complemented by coloured pistils that add visual contrast.


Aroma and Flavour

The aroma of Face Melt OG is a complex blend of earthiness and pine, with subtle hints of citrus and floral notes. This intriguing bouquet is mirrored in the flavour profile when consumed, delivering a mix of woody, herbal, and earthy notes. The overall taste experience is often described as smooth and enjoyable.



As the name suggests, Face Melt OG is renowned for its potent effects, especially in terms of relaxation and physical sedation. Users often report a sense of heaviness and tranquility that spreads throughout the body, leading to a profound state of relaxation. This strain is well-suited for evening use or when seeking relief from stress, tension, and discomfort. It can be especially effective for promoting sleep and combating insomnia.


Medical Use

The powerful indica-leaning effects of Face Melt OG make it a valuable choice for medical marijuana patients. It has demonstrated efficacy in managing conditions such as chronic pain, muscle spasms, and inflammation. Additionally, its tranquilizing properties may provide relief from symptoms of anxiety, depression, and stress. For individuals struggling with sleep disorders, Face Melt OG’s potential to induce restful sleep can be particularly beneficial.


From Staff

Face Melt OG is a formidable and reliable choice for those seeking potent relaxation and relief. Its soothing effects, rich flavor profile, and potential medical benefits have made it a favorite among cannabis enthusiasts and medical marijuana patients alike. However, it’s important to exercise caution due to its potency, especially for individuals new to cannabis. As always, responsible consumption is key to a safe and enjoyable experience with Face Melt OG.

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