King Palm Blunt Wrap x 5 – Holds 0.5 Gram



Resealable Package Contains:

  • 5 Rollies
  • 5 Pre-Installed Cornhusk Filters
  • Bamboo Packing Stick
  • Humidity Pack for Freshness

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King Palm’s 5-pack of Rollies is a wonderful option for every type of smoker out there. From its handmade qualities to slow-burning design, you’ll be impressed by these pre-rolled cones from start to finish.

Handmade, Hand-Rolled

Every one of King Palm’s Rollies is hand-rolled with care and precision. This helps to ensure that all of our products are of the highest quality possible for each and every customer. While most companies mass-produce their products, we take time with our handmade Rollies and the result is miles above the rest.

Super-Slow Burn

By using special Cordia palm leaves and specific drying methods, King Palm’s Rollies produce a slow-burn that’s great for every smoke. These wraps are rolled to last, both in and out of the packaging. Whether you finish the whole thing or just take a few puffs, these slow-burning Rollies should be essential for every smoker.

No Artificial Tastes or Flavors

With King Palm, you’re never experiencing any artificial tastes, flavors, or ingredients. In fact, these wraps are completely organic and free of any toxic chemicals. Without these unhealthy additives, you can embrace the full flavors of your tree in every puff you take. Or, you can add one of our terpene-infused flavor tips for all-natural blasts of delicious flavors. It’s all up to you.

King Palm’s 5-Pack of Rollies provides the best wraps to pack a small amount. These real palm-leaf cones come pre-rolled for an easy smoking experience. All-natural and great for all smokers, both new and old, King Palm’s 5-Pack Rollies should be your go-to.


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