FLO Vape Kit – Battery

The Flo Vape Kit contains:

  • Rechargeable device
  • Universal USB charging cable


Product Info:

  • 290mAh battery
  • 0.5ml Rechargeable

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BC Grown weed

Canadian Top Shelf quality


About FLO Extracts Vape Kit – Battery

FLO Extracts provides uncompromising cannabis products to the people who need them the most. FLO is constantly innovating, and their technology represents the future of the cannabis industry.

The FLO Vaporizer offers a sleek, lightweight design featuring an ergonomic, modern body. The FLO is a great addition to your purse or pocket as you carry on about your day, and no one else will be the wiser!

The FLO vaporizer doesn’t accept vape refill cartridges from other companies, as it has no female 510 thread. FLO’s Vape-pod system is proprietary to their own devices, because each pod uses advanced vapor technology to vastly improve on the performance of the classic 510 pen. The classic 510 vape pen is derived from a design intended to be used with nicotine rather than cannabis, whereas the FLO-pod system was designed from the ground up to be the perfect way to vaporize your weed.

FLO Industries partnered with a trusted, GMP-certified global leader in order to create their new design, which they believe will come to be the primary method of vaporizing cannabis. Contrary to the 510 Thread, their pods belong to a new class of ultra-portable, highly advanced cannabis vaporizers. The pod and battery combine to make a simple 2-part system: instead of using threaded vape cartridges (or tanks), FLO pod refills snap on and create a seal that helps to ensure that each toke results in the maximum possible yield of vapor.

This product is still super new to market, but reviews have been nothing but positive. FLO users report pulling thicker clouds of vapor than they ever could out of a 510 pen, without the burn you tend to get when your cartridge is almost empty.

Pick whichever pod sounds best to you and try a FLO today!

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