Honey blonde moroccan hash

Each container includes 1 gram of Honey Blonde Moroccan hash.

Form: Soft

THC Level: Very High

THC testing: 289.18mg (29%)

CBD testing: 1.63mg (0.16%)


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BC Grown weed

Canadian Top Shelf quality


History of Honey Blonde Moroccan hash

Morocco has been called the Mecca of hashish, as it is the largest producer of high-quality products in North Africa. In Morocco the term “kif” is frequently used for the flower, I.E. the hashish. In the west, ‘kif” is often used for the special Moroccan blonde hashish. When the milder leaves are used, this is called “Habisha”, which could resemble marijuana. In Morocco the production site is estimated to cover an area of 600Km², and contributing to the national economy with about US$2 billion annually.


About Honey Blonde Moroccan hash

Few cannabis products are as versatile as properly prepared Middle Eastern Hashish. Honey Blonde Moroccan Hash is an authentic Moroccan hashish that can be rolled, burned slowly, or roasted; however rolling it in a joint is one of the best. has a smooth soft texture and can be made in to a ball (or snake) easily using your fingers.

Honey Blonde Moroccan hash is the epitome of the hashish experience, with a moderate THC range and focusing on the overall quality of the burn and deeper effects, as opposed to blasting users with an intense head high that drops off quickly and/or makes them want to nap. For those looking for a more relaxed and ritualistic slow-burn experience, then Honey Blonde Moroccan may just offer the highly effective-yet-balanced effects that will make you wonder why you’ve been rolling joints without hashish all these years.


How to smoke hash

If you’ve never smoked hash, you may be a bit confused about how to use it. However, there’s no need to get confused. Kamikazi is here to help!

While it can be used to dab, doing so is not recommended. Below are some great ways for Canadian residents to enjoy premium hash products from Kamikazi:

  1. Roll your hash into snakes. Wrap them into or around a joint or blunt.
  2. Add on top of or mix in with flower in your pipe.
  3. Consume by itself on a screen in a pipe or in a water pipe.
  4. Vape it. Some vaporizers are specifically designed for hashish and similar concentrates. Others can handle both dried herb and hash.

It may be helpful to use degummed hemp fiber. This keeps your Kamikazi hash from clogging the vaporizer innards. Additionally, this will make cleaning easier. Finally, applying a lower temperature will often give a richer taste.

Some people like to start low and end with a higher temperature setting. Play around with it and see what works best for you. Most importantly, smoking hash is all about personal preference.

Additional information

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1 Gram, 10 Grams, 28 Grams ( 1 Oz )


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