The Caviar collection THCA Diamond – 1G


Every jar of purified THCA diamonds contains 1 gram of beautiful, crystalline THCA diamond.

Best for dabbing, smoking, or vaping.


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For the discerning cannabis connoisseur, the journey for purity and potency finds its culmination in the Caviar Collection THCA Diamond Jars. Representing the epitome of cannabis concentrates, these jars hold the crystalline treasures of THCA, offering an experience that is pristine, potent, and truly unparalleled. Crafted within the confines of a laboratory, each jar is a testament to the artistry of extraction, delivering THCA in its purest form for the ultimate dabbing, smoking, or vaping experience.

Purity in Crystals

THCA diamonds, often hailed as the pinnacle of cannabis concentrates, are the purest manifestation of the plant’s essence. Extracted with precision within a controlled laboratory environment, these crystals are devoid of any original plant material, retaining only the singular beauty of a cannabinoid molecule. THCA, the precursor to THC, lies dormant until exposed to heat, promising a transformation that mirrors the metamorphosis of a gem.

Masterful Extraction

The journey from plant to diamond requires the expertise of a cannabis sommelier’s discerning palate and the skills of a highly trained technician. The Caviar Collection takes pride in every facet of the extraction process, ensuring that the quality of the final product is as evident inside the packaging as it is to the connoisseur’s senses.

Exquisite Strain Varieties

The Caviar Collection THCA Diamond Jars present an exquisite array of choices for enthusiasts. Choose from the tantalizing depths of Blue Cheese or the tropical allure of Mango strains. Each strain encapsulates the essence of its botanical lineage, delivering a nuanced experience that captivates the senses.

Visual and Olfactory Delight

Opening a jar of Caviar Collection THCA Diamonds is not just an act; it’s an experience. The crystals within gleam like precious gems, and the aroma that escapes is a fragrant dance that hints at the strains’ unique personalities. Blue Cheese offers savory intrigue, while Mango transports you to sun-soaked orchards.


Whether you opt for dabbing, smoking, or vaping, the Caviar Collection THCA Diamond Jars cater to every aficionado’s preferred method. The transformative power of heat awaits these crystalline marvels, promising an introduction to the THC you know and love.


In the realm of cannabis concentrates, the Caviar Collection THCA Diamond Jars stand as a testament to purity, potency, and the artistry of extraction. For those who seek an elevated experience, where each dab or inhale is a symphony of cannabinoids, these jars are not just products; they are treasures waiting to be discovered. Indulge in the crystalline excellence and embark on a journey that transcends the ordinary, guided by the craftsmanship of the Caviar Collection.

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Blue Cheese – Indica, Mango – Hybrid


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