Import Lebanese Bubble Hash


* This is true import Lebanese bubble hash, should be broken into small pieces not buffed

Each container includes 1 gram of premium Lebanese bubble hash

Form: Soft

THC Level: Very High


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History of Lebanese Hash

Hashish has a very long history in Lebanon. At one stage, the cannabis-gold was used as a currency. Thus, it’s safe to state the Lebanese know their stuff when it comes to making excellent cannabis solutions. When the rugged indica Hash crops have been harvested, dried, and treated, only then could this great Hash be made.

Internationally, Lebanon has been known for its quality Hash for as long as Hash has been a “thing”. What makes Lebanese Hash different from other hash variations is the way it is cultivated and then allowed to age over one or two whole seasons (4-8 months).

This aging or curing process allows Lebanese Hash to develop very strong spicy and woody notes, along with a smooth flavor.

Lebanese hash comes in two common varieties, blonde (yellow) and red. Though some argue that blonde and red are two separate strains, they are made with cannabis harvested at different stages in the growth cycle. Blonde hash is made from plants harvested early when they are high in THC and produces nice cerebral effects. Red Lebanese hash comes from plants that are a little bit older and are said to contain higher amounts of non-psychoactive CBN, making the effects sedating and highly relaxing.

Cultivation: The most important Cannabis-Fields are located in the valley of Baalbek. The fields are cultivated on a very large scale, many of them using modern machinery. The production is very industrially oriented, tradition is not very involved in the Hash-Business.


What is bubble hash

Bubble hash is a high-quality form of hash that consists of numerous trichome heads. You create it by using ice water and a sieve to separate the trichomes from the plant. This form of cannabis concentrate gets the name because it bubbles when you expose it to heat. 

Bubble hash’s colour can vary from dark brown to light blonde. There are several reasons why people create bubble hash:

  • It is highly potent and provides an intoxicating high that feels stronger than kief or dry-ice hash.
  • As there are no flammable ingredients or chemicals involved, it is relatively safe to make at home.
  • Bubble hash is a fantastic way to use trim.



How to smoke Bubble Hash

There are several ways to use bubble hash. Again, please remember that it is highly potent, and a little goes a very long way!


All you need to make cannabis edibles using bubble hash is a carrier oil. The most commonly used include olive oil, coconut oil, canola oil, or almond oil. While cannabutter remains a popular ingredient in edibles, a growing number of users are eschewing it in favor of oil.

The decarboxylation process occurs when you bake your edibles. Therefore, the THCA in the hash becomes THC. Always exercise caution when consuming edibles, especially when they contain bubble hash. It can take two hours for the high to become apparent. Also, there is a suggestion that edibles are more potent than other forms of cannabis consumption.

Joints & Blunts

Plenty of people like to go old-school with their bubble hash and smoke it with a blunt or joint. In this case, sprinkle some on the rest of the cannabis to give your joint an extra kick. The malleability of bubble hash means it is easy to manipulate its shape and add to a blunt.

Bongs & Pipes

It is a similar story when adding bubble hash to joints and blunts. Take a little piece and add it to the bowl. You should find that the level of intoxication you feel goes up a notch. If you have bottom-shelf cannabis, sprinkling some bubble hash on it can give you the experience you crave.

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