Shatter Blunts

Each Shatter blunt includes 1.1 gram of AAAA Indica from some of our more popular strains mixed with quality Indica shatters.


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About King Palm Shatter Blunts

In collaboration with King Palm, we came up with one of the best mini Shatter blunts out there! Rolled in all natural-organic Cordia palm leaves, the King Palm Mini Shatter Blunt Package contains 1.1 gram of Indica weed from some of our more popular strains mixed with quality Indica shatters. The Cordia leaf body allows users to experience slow-burning and even smoke, allowing you to enjoy every moment with your Shatter blunt. Our King Palm Shatter blunts contain organic cornhusk filters, which cool smoke with every drag. This unique feature allows users to experience the full flavor of their weed flower while avoiding the harsh, bitter aftertaste.

With every King Palm Shatter Blunt, we promise it is:

  • 100% free of nicotine and tobacco!
  • Contains no additives or addictive substances.
  • Contains more than 50% THC


Why Buying Prerolled Blunts

Pre-rolls are some of the most popular items sold in marijuana dispensaries, as the convenience just can’t be beaten. Travelers might not have their rolling gear on hand, and many smokers are not well-versed in the art of rolling. Whatever the case, pre-rolls can provide you with some potent bud without any of the hassles.


How to smoke King Palm Shatter Blunts

It’s time to forget the tedious task of rolling a joint! All Shatter blunts come ready for immediate use. Simply take the blunt out of its container and ignite the other end. Then, gently begin to draw in air through your Shatter blunt. And, after a second or two, puff out the inhaled smoke. The Shatter will be mixed in with your blunt after a few hits making it burn even slower. Each Shatter blunt will last around 15 minutes.

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2 reviews for Shatter Blunts

  1. Leslie Chin-Ting (verified owner)

    Was quite nice. I love the king palm wraps; burns nicely and not harsh. Could have been stronger thc wise

  2. Cameron MacDonald (verified owner)

    Can’t get any smoke from it, itsl like it’s.full of holes

    • Profile photo ofkamikazi.cc

      Kamikazi Admin

      Hello Cameron. Some blunt wrappers could have wholes in them. we are very sorry that we didn’t catch it. please contact us at 4162723996 to get a full refund. thank you

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