Club 69 – AAAA


Strain: Indica
THC Level: 22.00%

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Strain : Indica

THC Level


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Contrary to popular belief, Club 69 will not make you want to go out dancing with your friends. Custom made by Josh D at Karma Genetics for Sunday Goods, based in Arizona, the strain blends Biker Kush with Karmarado OG to result in an indica-dominant bud. Great for relaxing after a long day or soothing medical issues, Club 69 may become your new go-to nightcap.
Both new and experienced users will find something to love with this strain, as an average of 22% THC is manageable for all. Nugs tend to be pretty dark and dense yet are contrasted with amber hairs and tiny glittering trichomes. Flavors and aromas slightly differ here, with a taste that’s made up of sweet pine and rich diesel. Your nose will be enveloped by a floral and earthy tone that brings herbs and spices into the mix.
While Club 69 will certainly boost your mood for a bit, don’t expect extreme euphoria to take control for hours on end. You’ll be happy, you’ll be hungry, but above all else, you’ll be completely relaxed. Effects can range from mild sedation that makes your couch extra comfortable to be completely knocked out and sleeping like a baby. Make sure you’re prepared before you partake, so whether that means picking out your snacks ahead of time or grabbing a pillow and blanket to bring to the couch, think before you smoke.
In some ways, you could say that Club 69 is great for all types of medical ailments simply because you get so relaxed that nothing can bother you. Yet in reality, this bud does help quite a bit with depression and stress, because the cerebral lift you experience is noticeable. Physical pain including headaches or cramps are also soothed, and of course, insomnia is no match for Club 69’s powerhouse of sedation
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