Cherry Do-Si-Dos – AAA+ – $150/Oz

Strain: Indica dominant hybrid

THC: 24% | CBD: 1%

Parents: Do-Si-Dos x Phantom Cookies

Aroma: Cherry | Citrus | Earthy | Flowery | Herbal | Nutty | Sour

Flavour: Berry | Cherry | Citrus | Flowery | Fruity | Sour | Sweet

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A Loss Of Appetite

A Loss Of Appetite



Cherry Do Si Dos is an Indica-dominant hybrid with unknown genetic proportions but a star-studded heritage. It’ll have you singing along to its relaxing fruity flavours with a balancing, creativity-inducing high. Do-Si-Dos and a phenotype of the famous Phantom Cookies strain were combined to create this strain by the breeder Tristan Langwinski. Though this was early in his career, the strain didn’t suffer for it and this little cherry-packed cultivar out of Indiana shows a lot of skill. With a THC level of around 24%, you can be sure that Cherry Do-Si-Dos will pack a punch if you need one and will not be too mind-meltingly powerful if you’re worried about your experience level.


Aroma and Flavour

The terpene content of Cherry Do-Si-Dos includes earthy, fruity flavors from limonene, linalool, alpha humulene, and beta-caryophyllene. The result is a flavor that comes on with a heavy, euphoric presence, earthy and sweet, with undertones of flower and pungent earth. On the exhale, the strain is deliciously sweet. As for its effects, users describe a non-sedating high that’s soothing and mellow, with a calm vibe. We recommend using the strain for social recreation, a little light yoga or stretching, a casual couch day with movies and games, or a brisk walk outside.



The Cherry Do-Si-Dos strain is known for relaxing bodies and minds, with a pronounced calming effect that should set in pretty quickly in your muscles and joints and make you feel good and relaxed. This is why this strain is popular among those who are on their feet for work and feel the aches and pains of the week more as they get closer to the weekend.


Medical Use

Thanks to these effects and its high 20-24% average THC level and 0-1% average CBD level, Cherry Dosi is often chosen to treat a variety of conditions including glaucoma and eye pressure, fibromyalgia, chronic stress, insomnia, epilepsy or seizures and chronic pain. 


From Staff

So long as you appreciate berry flavors and a pungent aftertaste, Cherry Do-Si-Dos is a zesty break from the grind. It won’t sedate you, but it at least provides a sense of calm that would make anyone stop and smell the cherries.

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Read more about Cherry Do-Si-Dos at Wikileaf.com or Wayofleaf.com.

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3.5 Grams (1/8 Oz), 7 Grams (1/4 Oz), 14 Grams (1/2 Oz), 28 Grams (1 Oz), Quarter Pound (1/4 Lb), One Pound (1 Lb)

1 review for Cherry Do-Si-Dos – AAA+ – $150/Oz

  1. John K

    Excellent bud. It smells very good and fruity. Absolutely clean smoke, bong hits go down and out so smooth like air. This slapped me nice, feel it in the eyes, have a dry mouth now. I’m very pleased.

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