Dirty Banana – AAAA+ – $240/Oz

Strain: Indica dominant hybrid

THC: 29%

Parents: Banana OG x Kush Mints #11

Aroma: Sweet | Earthy | Tropical fruits | Musky

Flavour: Banana | Gas | Funk

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A Loss Of Appetite

A Loss Of Appetite



Dirty Banana, a creation by EastCann, the Nova Scotia-based cultivator, is a strain that has stirred anticipation among cannabis enthusiasts. A delightful cross of Banana OG and Kush Mints #11, this indica-dominant hybrid showcases exotic genetics that translate into a visually appealing, fragrant, and potent experience.


The genetic lineage of Dirty Banana boasts the fusion of Banana OG and Kush Mints #11. With both parent strains contributing their relaxing indica effects, this strain promises a well-rounded experience.

The visual allure of Dirty Banana is undeniable. The buds, though light and spongey, are compact and grape-shaped, creating an impression of abundance. The blue-green hue, deep undertones, and a generous coating of blue-tinted white crystal trichomes contribute to its overall appeal.


Aroma and Flavour

Dirty Banana delights the palate with a unique and exotic flavour profile. The taste is a harmonious blend of sweet earthiness, reminiscent of musky Romulan or Nuken, elevated by tropical fruit undertones. The flavour unfolds with each inhale, offering a distinct and enjoyable experience. As the strain is ground, a unique tea-like note emerges, enhancing the overall complexity of the taste. The sweetness is undeniably present, creating a delicious and memorable impression that lingers on the palate. Dirty Banana’s flavour is a tropical euphoria, offering a delightful journey for cannabis connoisseurs seeking something truly special.



Despite its high THC content ranging from 19-29%, Dirty Banana surprises with a gentle, creeper high. The effects are characterized by lifted and creative euphoria, making it suitable for various occasions. The strain’s wavy, uplifting elements are complemented by a relaxing physical high, inducing a sense of bliss and tranquility.


Medical Use

With its potential to address chronic pain, muscle spasms, cramps, chronic fatigue, insomnia, depression, mood swings, and chronic stress, Dirty Banana showcases its therapeutic potential. The strain’s balanced effects make it accessible to both novice and experienced users.


From Staff

Dirty Banana proves to be a versatile strain with a range of ideal uses. It’s perfect for those leisurely days off, providing an ideal wake and bake experience that sets a positive tone for the day. Additionally, its relaxing and blissful effects make it an excellent choice for laid-back Netflix and chill sessions. If you’re in the mood for a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience, Dirty Banana is suitable for rolling a massive blunt, delivering a delightful flavor profile. Its versatility shines through as it becomes the go-to strain for various occasions, offering a well-rounded and enjoyable cannabis experience for a wide range of preferences.

In conclusion, Dirty Banana by Kamikazi weed delivery delivers on its promise of a high-grade, slow-motion, Netflix-and-chill experience. With a perfect blend of indica effects, a tropical flavor profile, and unparalleled freshness, this strain caters to both connoisseurs and those seeking an overall quality cannabis experience. Whether for a day off wake and bake, a Netflix session, or a leisurely smoke, Dirty Banana’s organic and flavorful nature makes it a standout strain in the world of hybrids. EastCann’s commitment to quality is evident, leaving consumers eagerly anticipating more unique strains from their portfolio. Prepare to be transported into a euphoric tropical paradise with Dirty Banana – a strain that lives up to its name with a delightful fusion of genetics and a mind-bending high.

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