Golden Jamaican – AA+ – $75/Oz

Strain: Indica dominant hybrid

THC: 21%

Parents: Gold x Blue Jamaican

Aroma: Tropical | Spicy | Sweet citrus | Oranges | Tangerines | Earthy pine

Flavour: Tropical | Sweet | Tangy | Citrus fruits

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Typical Effects


Dry Eyes


Common Usage



A Loss Of Appetite

A Loss Of Appetite



Jamaican Gold is a visually stunning cannabis strain that lives up to its name. The buds are typically large and dense, with a vibrant and eye-catching colour palette. Deep green leaves are adorned with bright orange pistils, creating a captivating contrast. A generous dusting of resinous trichomes adds a sparkling golden sheen to the buds, enhancing their appeal. It’s a strain that is sure to impress both cannabis enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike.


Aroma and Flavour

The aroma of Jamaican Gold is a delightful and invigorating experience. Upon opening a jar, your senses are greeted with a tropical and spicy fragrance. The dominant scents are reminiscent of sweet citrus fruits, such as oranges and tangerines, complemented by hints of earthy pine and a subtle spice reminiscent of cloves or nutmeg. The combination of fruity and spicy notes creates an enticing bouquet that transports you to a sunny Caribbean island.

The flavour profile of Jamaican Gold lives up to its enticing aroma. Upon inhaling, the taste is a burst of tropical goodness, with the sweet and tangy notes of citrus fruits taking center stage. The earthy and piney undertones add depth to the flavour, while the subtle hint of spiciness rounds out the experience. The taste is smooth and enjoyable, making it a pleasure to savour with each inhale.



Jamaican Gold offers a balanced set of effects that are characteristic of a quality hybrid strain. The high is typically uplifting and euphoric, inducing a sense of happiness and well-being. Users often report feeling creatively inspired and mentally engaged, making it suitable for social gatherings or creative pursuits. The cerebral effects are accompanied by a gentle relaxation that spreads through the body, alleviating any tension or physical discomfort. It’s a strain that strikes a harmonious balance between invigoration and relaxation, making it versatile and adaptable to various occasions.


Medical Use

Some of Golden Jamaican medical effect include:

  1. Pain Relief: Some cannabis strains, including those with Jamaican genetics, are reported to offer pain-relieving properties. They may help reduce discomfort associated with conditions such as headaches, muscle aches, and chronic pain.

  2. Stress and Anxiety Reduction: Certain cannabis strains are known for their calming and relaxing effects, which may be beneficial for individuals dealing with stress, anxiety, and tension.

  3. Mood Enhancement: Cannabis can have mood-enhancing effects, potentially offering relief for mild depression or mood disorders.

  4. Appetite Stimulation: Some strains are known to stimulate appetite, which may be helpful for individuals experiencing a lack of appetite due to medical treatments or other health conditions.

  5. Nausea Relief: Cannabis has been used to alleviate nausea and vomiting, particularly for individuals undergoing chemotherapy or experiencing gastrointestinal issues.


From Staff

Jamaican Gold is a standout strain with its stunning appearance, invigorating aroma, and delightful taste. Its balanced effects offer an uplifting and creative high, accompanied by a gentle relaxation that enhances the overall experience. Whether you’re seeking an inspired and social high or a moment of relaxation, Jamaican Gold has the potential to deliver an enjoyable and memorable cannabis experience.

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3.5 Grams (1/8 Oz), 7 Grams (1/4 Oz), 14 Grams (1/2 Oz), 28 Grams (1 Oz), Quarter Pound (1/4 Lb), One Pound (1 Lb)


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