Papaya – AAA – $100/Oz

Strain: Indica

THC: 22%

Parents: Ice No.2 x Citral No.13

Aroma: Fruity | Creamy | Tropical

Flavour: Creamy | Tropical


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Typical Effects


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The Papaya strain is an indica-dominant hybrid that’s a cross of Ice No.2 and Citral No.13. Nirvana Seeds bred this strain which is seemingly its version of the Mango strain created by KC Brains. However, please note that there are several versions, including one by Verde Natural Wellness. In each instance, Papaya is a mix of Ice, Citral, and Mango.

Don’t allow the pleasantly sweet tropical scent and taste to fool you. Papaya is one of the most potent strains you’ll find. Therefore, we highly recommend that novices avoid using it if possible. In addition, some users report feeling heightened concentration for a brief period after the high takes hold.

However, the predominant sensation is one of euphoria. So, no matter where you are, it is likely that Papaya will make you feel happier and more relaxed. Initially, you might find that a boost in energy accompanies the heightened focus. Yet it is more probable that you’ll feel calm and relaxed rather than excitable.

Even if you become energized, it is unlikely to last long. Soon enough, the body high takes over and produces a feeling of total relaxation. However, many users admit feeling lethargic and sleepy with couchlock almost certain. There is also the possibility of getting the munchies, so we advise having some snacks readily available.

You can try Papaya during the afternoon if you have no plans for the rest of the day. Yet, if you have things to do, make sure you wait until the evening.


Aroma and Flavour

The initial sour smell surprises many users, who are expecting something completely different. Eventually, you will get the fruity, creamy tropical scent you anticipated. The tanginess of the fruit flavors is alluring and sets you up for a delicious tasting strain.

Most users say they don’t taste any sourness once they start smoking Papaya. Instead, their taste buds experience an initial funky flavor that makes way for a creamy tropical delight.

The Papaya strain consists of large, round buds that tend to look like a football. However, some people suggest that they look more like a closed fist. The creamy orange pistils look pleasant against the bright green of the leaves. The small trichomes sprinkled on the calyxes give you a little indication of how potent this strain is.



As with many strains that carry potent Indica effects, this strain should be used later on in the afternoon or at night. The powerful body high that Papaya provides may numb out even the most severe of chronic aches and pains. It may provide sleep to the sleepless sufferers of insomnia. Also such effects may reduce nausea and increase appetite to overcome anorexia and other eating disorders. On the other hand, the cerebral effects may help reduce stress and anxiety.

Medical Use

Papaya is very much a recreational user’s favorite. Nonetheless, it is widely used by MMJ patients for several reasons. One of the most obvious is its ability to help sedate you. After a couple of hours, you’re likely to feel extremely sleepy with little desire to move. There is a strong possibility that you’ll fall asleep wherever you sit or lie down. As such, you might find Papaya helpful if you have insomnia.

The sedative effects could also prove useful for individuals with chronic pain. If you have an issue such as back pain or fibromyalgia, you might discover that Papaya relaxes and numbs the limbs.

The euphoria reported by numerous MMJ patients suggests that Papaya has use as a pick-me-up. Therefore, consider trying it if you have stress, anxiety, or depression. Finally, it could result in the munchies, so think about using it if you need an appetite boost.


From Staff

If you’re looking for a cannabis strain that makes you dream of a tropical paradise, Papaya is a great option. While it can boost your energy slightly initially, the high eventually causes sedation, couchlock, and ultimately, sleepiness. You might also find that it spikes your hunger. The tropical scent lures users in, while the incredible flavor keeps them there.

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Read more about Papaya at Wikileaf.com or Wayofleaf.com.

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