Euphoria Extractions Live Resin – 2G


Content: 2g of Premium Live Resin

Strains: Tuna Rockstar

Effects: Uplifted, Euphoric, Happy, Hungry & Sleepy

THC%:  71.54% – 73.72%

CBD %: 0.15% – 0.31%

TOTAL TERPENES: 3.34% – 5.27%


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BC Grown weed

Canadian Top Shelf quality


Experience the next level of cannabis enjoyment with Euphoria Extractions’ Live Resin. Elevate your senses and embrace the full spectrum of benefits this premium product has to offer.

Immerse yourself in the pure essence of cannabis. Live Resin captures the natural aromas and flavors of the plant, delivering an authentic and unparalleled taste sensation. With every inhale, you’ll savor the true depth of the strains, taking your indulgence to new heights.

Unlock the power of cannabinoids and terpenes. Live Resin preserves the full spectrum of these valuable compounds, providing a potent and well-rounded experience. Whether you’re seeking relaxation, creativity, or focus, their Live Resin offers a tailored journey to match your desires.

Say goodbye to compromise. Euphoria Extractions’ Live Resin boasts a high concentration of active compounds, ensuring that every session is efficient and effective. No need for large quantities – a little goes a long way in delivering the desired effects.

Enjoy versatility like never before. Whether you’re a dabbing enthusiast or prefer to incorporate Live Resin into your culinary creations, the possibilities are endless. Elevate your favorite activities and rituals with a touch of euphoria.

Seize the moment and make every experience extraordinary. Elevate your cannabis journey with Euphoria Extractions’ Live Resin. Unleash the potential of every strain and relish in the benefits that only pure, unadulterated cannabis can offer.

Elevate your senses. Elevate your moments. Elevate your life. Try Euphoria Extractions’ Live Resin today at Kamikazi weed delivery and embark on a journey of elevated sensations. Your next level of enjoyment awaits.

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Tuna Rockstar – Indica


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BC Grown weed

Canadian Top Shelf quality