Birthday Cake – AAAA

Strain: Sativa dominant Hybrid

THC: 25%

Parents: Wedding Cake x Cherry Pie

Aroma: Earthy | Skunky | Sweet | Vanilla

Flavour: Buttery | Nutty | Sweet | Vanilla

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Birthday Cake, as you might imagine, combines dessert flavors into explosively effective relaxation that makes you hungry for more. People who share their Birthday Cake report even more pronounced effects of giddiness, euphoria, and relaxation in social settings. This strain was tailor made for people who have trouble sleeping due to pain issues or wake up in the middle of the night because of a flare-up.


The famously delicious Wedding Cake strain got its own named phenotype when it was crossed with Cherry Pie by Growers Lab.


Aroma and Flavour

Users are drawn to Birthday Cake’s intoxicating aroma and insane taste. The flavor starts fruity and breaks immediately into a skunky vanilla taste that hints of nuts and cookies on the exhale. The strain has a sweet, pungent aroma, a little vanilla, a little skunk. The total effect is like cake batter to complement your brain being dipped in THC frosting.



If you find yourself feeling tired or fatigued during the busy workweek, a dose of Birthday Cake can calm things down, replacing mentally painful thoughts with giddy ones. Birthday Cake instills a sense of relaxing, sedating calm. Those who have trouble sleeping due to pain conditions love Birthday Cake due to how it mellows out your brain during sleep. It has a specifically physical effect too however, which lowers inflammation levels and can even relieve muscle spasms and migraines.

All of these things impact pain and stress levels. Skunky vanilla euphoria pours out of this balanced strain and makes painful evenings far more enjoyable. The real kicker is the taste, the cookie-like nutty mix of cakey vanilla goodness, mixed with herbal, spicy fruit. The strain grows shiny, silvery-white, and sticky, not unlike a beautiful Birthday Cake. Not many people are fortunate enough to be able to grow it but those who do love their time with this cute confectionary cannabis.


Medical Use

These effects and its powerful THC level of up to 25% make Birthday Cake Kush perfect for treating chronic pain, insomnia, headaches or migraines, muscle spasms, and inflammation.


From Staff

Like it’s name suggests, this bud has a crazy tasty flavor of fruity vanilla skunk with a hint of sweet nuttiness upon exhale. The smell is a little mellower, with a sweet skunky pungency that has a slightly vanilla overtone. These buds have a super frosty appearance, much like a birthday cake, with large and dense oversized heart-shaped light forest green nugs that have sparse fiery orange hairs. 

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Read more about Birthday Cake at Wikileaf.com or Allbud.com.

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